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We started as ladies casual wear and top casual wear manufacturers in 1973. However, we started with little equipment but a lot of skill and tenacity to succeed in the front room of a flat. The company, now in its third generation, possesses a multi-story, fully integrated production facility. We, as casual apparel manufacturers, make every step of the process, from design to manufacture to distribution, handled internally. This reduces order processing time and ensures accuracy, and it also allows for quick, efficient order processing.

We, as top casual wear manufacturers, are a globally renowned brand known for its wide selection of casual clothing. However, we provide a variety of casual apparel alternatives for both men and women and have a reputation for quality and style. Thus, our range as casual apparel manufacturers offers a variety of stylish trainers, leisure clothing, and cozy t-shirts to suit different fashion tastes. The company’s dedication to performance-driven design not only looks beautiful but also performs well in terms of comfort and usefulness.


Best Casual Apparel Manufacturers in China


As top casual wear manufacturers, we stand out for our dedication to sustainability, comfort, and elegance. Discover our wide selection of casual clothes options on our website to suit your fashion preferences. We, as casual apparel manufacturers, have something for everyone, from cool t-shirts and cushy hoodies to flexible pants and stylish outfits.

Browse through our many collections, each of which was created to encapsulate the newest trends while maintaining the highest level of comfort. We, as casual apparel manufacturers, provide a wide range of options, from athleisure-inspired pieces to casual-chic combinations.




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    To ensure a seamless delivery experience, simply follow the easy steps to finish your order.

  • How Do You Handle Returns?

    Within 30 days of delivery, we accept returns if for any reason you are not satisfied. For further instructions, please visit our page on returns and exchanges

  • Your Products Are Sustainable, Right?

    Yes, one of our brand’s main values is sustainability. Therefore, we work to reduce the influence we have on the environment.

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